Adding A Conveyor

See Also Creating/Updating the Equipment Hierarchy

Adding a conveyor is a modification to the Equipment Hierarchy, and can only be done by Power Users.

Navigate to Administration >> Configure >> Hierarchy in the left slider menu and a pop-up window will appear.

In terms of the hierarchy, a conveyor will generally be an Area under Department. In the example below, the Business is Example Site 1, the Group is Outloading, and the Department is Conveyors. 
To create a new conveyor, follow the instructions for creating a new Area:
  • Click on the parent Department (Conveyor as shown above).
  • Select 'Add Child', in the Area field, enter the required name (eg. CC107) and (optional) functional location, select the relevant Area Type and press Save.
  • To add multiple Conveyors, select the relevant Department and repeat the step above.

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