Making A Conveyor Inactive

If there is a requirement to remove a conveyor, it is recommended that it be made inactive rather than deleted altogether. Deleting it will remove all the historical information related to that conveyor.

Making a conveyor inactive is a modification to the Equipment Hierarchy, and can only be done by Power Users.

Navigate to Administration >> Configure >> Hierarchy in the left slider menu and a pop-up window will appear.


In terms of the hierarchy, a conveyor will generally be an Area under Department. In the example below, the Business is Example Site 1, the Group is Outloading, and the Department is Conveyors. 


Navigate to the conveyor that is to be made inactive. There is a check box named Active. Uncheck that box and save, and the conveyor will no longer appear in the hierarchy. To see a conveyor after it has been made inactive, at the top right of the screen click on the drop down arrow and select all. This will then display both active and inactive conveyors in the hierarchy. A conveyor can be made active again simply by click in the checkbox to reselect it, and saving again.

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