Configuring Wear Managment Alarm Points

There are two Alarm Points that need to be set for the PDS software to accurately calculate belt life: the Severe Alarm and the Critical Alarm. The values for these alarm levels can be set by Power Users depending on site requirements and to account for such considerations as lead times for supply and shutdown schedules.

To set these values, navigate to click on the Admin icon beside the Asset Wear Inspect product. Alarms are available for thickness top and/or bottom.


On the Alarm Points configuration screen, select the relevant equipment type from the first drop down. In this example, Belt Sections has been chosen. Now select the type of alarm you want to configure.


To set the alarm at Group level, select the Business and a table will appear with all the available Groups. Click in the Value box and set a value for the required Group/s. When done, click on the Save icon.


Alternatively, the Group and Department can be selected to enable the configuration of each Area type . Click on the Save icon. 

NOTE: After updating alarm values, the wear rate refesh job needs to run for the values to be reflected in the wear rate calculations. For example, the Wear Profile and Trend report will not produce any data if the alarm values are not set, so once they have been set, you will have to manually run the job to pick up the alarm settings if you want to run the report straight away.

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