Selecting Idler Configurations on Conveyors

When creating an idler failure on the web, the PDA or the iPad, a selection of idler configurations are presented in graphical form. In order to make it easier for those doing the inspection, only the idler configurations used on that conveyor should be shown on the Create Idler Failure screen. This is configurable by Power Users.

Navigate to Administration>Idler Management>Idler Tag Customisation. The configuration can be done at a Business level, or down to an individual conveyor (Area).


In the example below, idlers are configured at the Business level. This means that the selected sets will be available for ALL conveyors on site as the default.



In the next example, the configuration has been specified at the Group and Department level, but not at the Area Level. This means that all the Outloading conveyors will show the idler sets marked for carry and return.



Finally, the configurations can be set up per conveyor at the Area level. This can be done for every conveyor or just those which differ from the configurations set a Business, Group or Department level.

For example if one of the Outloading conveyors, CC104, has a different configuration, it can be configured at the Area level. This means that all conveyors will have a 3 roll carry configuration, except for CC104, which will have a 4 roll.




After each change, click on the Save button at the bottom of the Idler Tag Customisation screen. A message will be displayed indicating that the records have been successfully saved.



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