Release - iPDS, iPad App (2.0.0)

The latest release of the iPad app is big and contains a number of significant updates. It contains a number of visual improvements and a number of user experience improvements.

In this Announcement

 Asset Management


Asset Management has received the most amount of changes in this release. A large number of UI improvements to the Dashboard; presenting further technical details to the user on all assets; removed the annoying auto-syncing after adding or editing assets; and added visual indicators if Consumables or Lubrication records are configured against an individual asset.

Liners & Screens


In Liners & Screens a number of workflow improvements have been made predominantly to the Dashboard. This include the inclusion of a record count for synced Areas to provide a user with an indication of the number of associated equipment records. We have also added a touch blocker to prevent a user navigating to the Liner or Screen map if the Area has not been first synced.

Finally, we have added a filter to the Dashboard to enable a user to filter to the relevant equipment type they are working on. 

Idler Management


In Idler Management, a number of UI improvements have been made to the Dashboard, we have also removed the Maintenance Activity field from the Edit Idler / Structure to remove confusion to users.

Planned Inspections



In Planned Inspections, we have improved the workflow by adding additional record filters to the Work Order Dashboard and Work Order Task page. Column filters have been also added to allow a user to sort records by what's important to them.

Finally, after feedback from Newmont, Boddington Gold, we have added collapsing and expanding task grouping, this allows sections of a Work Order to be collapsed and expanded independently of each other.


All of the usual steps for upgrading iPDS from the App Store or from the App Catalog for Enterprise Devices. Please see the release notes for further information.

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