Development Update - Wear Report Updates

Our April-May release of the web version of PDS, contained significant improvements to our collection of wear management reports. Some of the changes include:

  • Removal of the Belt Wear Watchlist Report.
  • Updates to the Belt Wear Detailed Report to allow filtering by reporting year, a new report legend, calculations based on server and critical alarms and all fixed time planning dates.
  • Fixes to the Wear Profile and Wear Trend Report when reporting on top/bottom covers and installed and removed belt sections.
  • The Wear Planning Report, can now present forecast changeout dates on any wearing asset and not just conveyor belts.
  • The Simplified Wear Report has been improved to better support reporting in pipe and apron feeder wear data.
  • New planning reports have been released also for Liners & Screen Panels, showing visualisations of required replacements, wear profilers (heat maps) and planning data based on calculated or fixed time replacement dates.

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