Development Update - New Application URLs

In March 2006, Productivity Development Solutions Pty Ltd was launched marketing ourselves as an engineering consultant operating in Australia with a website under the domain name.

Fast forward to mid 2016 and we completed our transition from engineering consultancy to a technology company focusing on the development, sales and support of our software. The “CCMS” product name for our software was dropped and is now referred to simply as the PDS Software.

Such a large transition in our business mission and vision demanded a rebrand of our name, internet presence and resulted in the formation of a solid new team.

From January 1, 2017, our internet presence transitioned to the domain name, preparing for our expansion into the international market and to provide a new platform for our new marketing website (currently in development).

What does that mean for our customers?

Users of the PDS software now can access the software using the URL; All previous internet links ( and will continue to work via redirection.

Our marketing website is available at, and our email addresses are now (for example

The iPDS application is available in the iTunes App Store at

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