New Feature Preview - iPDS, iPad App (Nov 2017)

PDS developed the PDS Inspect product originally in early 2010. The concept for the product initially came after years of completing conveyor inspections in the field using CiRS (a Microsoft Word plugin developed by PDS).

Throughout 2013 to 2015, PDS developed Equipment Maintenance Strategies for Glencore Coal. These projects delivered maintenance inspection sheets for a variety of assets (conveyors, screens, transfers) for both Underground and Surface operations. This experience would ultimately shape our understanding of how planned (or tasked based) inspections were scheduled through systems like SAP & Maximo and completed in the field.

PDS Inspect is designed to support both unplanned (asset based inspections) and planned (task based - or checklist) inspections. The current app design provides comparative features to products like iAuditor, DOFORMS and Pervidi, but like these products, it lacked an integrated workflow that supports quick transition to PDS Idler and PDS Wear.

We've addressed this problem in the latest feature to be developed for the iPad app which will now provide a seamless workflow and single app experience for PDS clients.

Note: This workflow has already been introduced in the Asset Management feature of iPDS for Unplanned Inspections with a lot of positive feedback.


Current Workflow

If an planned inspection requires a user to complete task-based inspections, inspect conveyor rollers for failures and collect wear data, the user must exit and enter separate areas in the iPDS app. Clients that use PDS Idler for roller inspections and a competitive product for asset inspections must exit and enter separate applications.


New Workflow

The new feature will enable a user to complete the above all within the same area of the application in iPDS, thus:

  • dramatically simplifying the user experience
  • improving the workflow and
  • minimising confusion and data entry time.


Currently this feature is in development and testing, is expected to be released to the public by the end of November 2017 and is part of our ongoing commitment to product development.

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