Release - iPDS, iPad App (2.0.1)

The latest release of the iPad app contains a number of significant updates, visual improvements and new features.

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iPDS is designed to operate in offline mode, enabling users to continue to capture information in areas of no or poor internet connectivity.

This release provides improved support for offline mode by better handling of sync timeouts when internet service has poor signal strength or low bandwidth.

Flir One Integration

Support for the Flir One (Gen 2) and Flir One Pro thermal imaging camera attachment has now been added to PDS Inspect, PDS Wear and PDS Idler.

This support enables users to capture thermal images and save them direct to inspection, idler or wear records without the need for the Flir One App.

Additionally, a user can enter 'Preview Mode' which enables them to scan an area looking for hotspots or abnormal temperature readings.


Liners & Screens

Working with a growing number of clients to implement PDS Complex for Screen Management helps us to continually evaluate our ideas for developing maintenance strategies in this space.

This release introduces

  • an option to mark screen panels as rotated,
  • a number of new fields for additional technical data and
  • an improved UX for screen panel part numbers for stock management and improved reporting.

Idler Management

Generating PDS reports directly from the iPDS app in the field is now supported in PDS Inspect and PDS Idler.

This new major feature allows users to preview and send the latest 'Work Management - Idlers' or 'Work Management - Structure' report in PDS Idler.

For BYOD clients, the report preview enables users to 'Share' the above reports using native iOS functionality. It even allows direct printing to AirPrint capable printers.

For Enterprise clients with managed devices (either restricted mode or single app mode devices), users can 'Email' the above reports without the need for email to be configured on the device.


Planned Inspections

Working in collaboration on an implementation project with one of the world's biggest mining companies has pushed us to dramatically improve the overall functionality, design and user experience in Planned Inspections.

Key new features include:

  • The ability to mark inspections as complete,
  • The ability to view 'At Fault' inspections (or outstanding actions) in a single dashboard,
  • Enforcing user requirements for mandatory tasks,
  • Enforcing user requirements for measurement tasks,
  • The ability to have inspection tasks not linked to assets (this is an invaluable feature for operator checks, pre-start checks and pre-task checks),
  • The ability to delete inspections,
  • The ability to preview reports from the iPad. 

As mentioned for PDS Idler, reports can now be directly previewed from the iPDS app in the field. This new major feature allows users to preview and send the latest 'At Fault' inspection report in PDS Inspect.




All of the usual steps for upgrading iPDS from the App Store or from the App Catalog for Enterprise Devices. Please see the release notes for further information.

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