Roadmap - PDS Software 2018

As another year ends, another is about to begin and planning the development work for PDS has already begun.

We value our customers feedback, good and bad user experiences and are always looking at new technology we can incorporate into our product to provide the best return on investment for our customers.


Overall Strategy

For PDS, our long-term success is measured by the acceptance of our product as an “industry” standard and the number of active customers. Everything on our roadmap is designed to contribute to this by:

  • Keeping existing customers happy and giving them opportunities to use PDS for more within their business.
  • Expanding the range of scenarios and industries PDS can be applied to.
  • Making PDS more intuitive and reliable to use.

2018 Roadmap

Early days, but the following are our immediate development plans for the coming year.


  • Provide important updates to PDS Complex adding additional fields for Liner Management.
  • Ability to markup/annotate photos.
  • Reporting; support for previewing and sending:
    • Wear Profile and Wear Trend reports
    • Liners & Screen Replacement reports
    • Conveyor Inspection reports
    • Planned Inspection reports
  • Ability to add attachments/images to planned inspection tasks.
  • Push notifications for alerts & messaging.
  • Investigate the support for bluetooth beacon technology for asset tagging.
  • Improved file management support for photos, attachments and video capture.
  • Ability to add sub-equipment / consumable information to assets (for assets like perma-lubes & scraper blades).
  • Ability to view inspection schedule for planned inspections.
  • Ability to view historical/archived inspection data.


  • Delivery of all functionality currently in the iPad release (excluding Liners & Screens)



  • Completely new user experience; with an updated application look & feel.
  • Ability to quick search the navigation hierarchy.
  • Ability to quick navigate records.
  • Embedded data visualisation dashboards.
  • Single-Sign On support for Enterprise clients.
  • Integrated module approach for asset management, wear management and inspections.
  • Improved speed performance for data loading.
  • Improved speed performance for wear rate calculations.
  • Improved report navigation, generation and scheduling of report subscriptions.
  • Modified permission levels for improved data security.

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