Navigating the PDS web app

The home page of the web version of the PDS software features a left slider menu and a user field.

The user field shows the user that is logged in to the app, and has a drop down menu that has options for  User Profile, License, Logout, Support and Switch to Classic Menu. Also displayed is the User Database and the software version number.
The Switch to Classic Menu option may be useful to users who are accessing the PDS software through an older browser and find that some of the features of the software are restricted.

Understanding the Left Slider Menu

  • The Navigation tab gives users access to the available PDS Software modules, allowing them navigate to, or select any business, group, department, area or equipment type in a module that may contain data.
  • The Administration tab provides role based access to the administration functions in the PDS software.
  • The Reports tab provides users with access to the list of available reports, by module.
  • The Export to Excel function allows the user to export a single sheet or multiple worksheets of data from the PDS software.
  • The What’s New tab brings up a window displaying the latest product updates to the PDS Software.
  • The Help tab allows the user to contact Productivity Development Solutions for support via a pop-up contact window.

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