Wear Management - Creating a Wear Test

  1. Go to left slider menu and select Navigation >> Wear Management.


  2. Use the navigation tree to find the required area and belt section then click Create. A pop-up window will appear with editing options.
  3. In the Create Wear Measurement window, enter the Test Type, Test Date and any relevant test information then click on Save.

  4. Within this Create Wear Measurement window, you can select Build Grid and a window will appear.


  5. In the Start X box, enter the starting point where the first measurement in millimetres- across the belt - will be taken. (this is an "X" coordinate).
  6. In the End X box, enter the final measurement.
  7. Enter the required Increment X value (spacing between measurements taken).


  8. Enter the required Y Locations Y Locations are readings along the same belt section. The default is "1" but multiple Y locations may be required if multiple tests are to be conducted on the same section of belt on the same day. This is to ensure accurate forecasting. Please contact us for more detail.
    Y locations can be a physical distance along a belt section from a splice or simply a reference number eg. 1, 2 or 3. (Please note, to enter multiple ‘y locations’, use a comma separated value such as 1000,2000,3000.)
  9. Select Build and the Results grid will now be ready to populate.
  10. Enter the measurements as required. Hitting the return key after entering a measurement will jump to the next result field. Note if there is an anomaly in the test result ie. outside of known belt specs, it can be deemed Invalid (check box). This will remove the test from any forecasting.
  11. Once complete click Save & Close.
  12. Click on the Wear Rate Refresh button to recalculate the wear rates and minimum results.


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