PDS Idler, Assigning RFID tags to conveyor frames

To assign a RFID tag to a conveyor idler frame for frame identification:

  1. Scan an RFID tag using the internal RFID reader (refer to the user manual of the PDA for details on the location of the RFID reader). The RFID tag icon at the bottom right corner of the screen indicates if the reader is in scan mode.
  2. When a RFID tag is found, the RFIDfield will be automatically populated with the unique RFID number.
  3. If the RFID reader fails to detect an RFID tag within 10 seconds it will display an error message, tap Ok and rescan the RFID tag, tap Back to exit the RFID configuration screen.
  4. Enter the Frame number the RFID tag corresponds to and select the Side of the conveyor the RFID tag is attached to.
  5. Tap Save under the Options menu to save the record.

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