Checking Wi-Fi connectivity

To check if a device has an active WIFI connection on a Windows Mobile 6.5, complete the following:

  1. Selecting 'Wireless Manager':
  • If the MobiControl client is already installed, tap 'Wireless Manager' under the 'Extras' menu on the Ruggedised Apps screen.
  • If the MobiControl client is ​​not already installed, tap 'Settings' under the Programs menu, select the 'Connections' tab and tap 'Wireless Manager'.
  1. Ensure the 'WLAN' option in the Wireless Manager is highlighted (orange in colour) and the 'Bluetooth' and 'Phone' (if the PDA is 3G capable) options are not hightlighted (grey in colour).
  2. Tap the the required connection method with the stylus to turn on or off an option in Wireless Manager.
  3. Select 'WLAN Settings' from the 'Menu' option bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  4. Check the preferred WIFI access point is listed and the connection status is 'Connected'.
  5. Force a connection to the PDS remote management server (refer to article Connecting to MobiControl) and confirm the MobiControl connection status changes to 'Connected....'. If this step fails repeat the steps above.

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