Asset Management - Creating, Editing and Deleting an Asset

To create an asset in Asset Management:

Navigate to Navigation >> Asset Management > and then to the required Area (eg. CV101) from the left navigation tree.
When selected, a drop-down list of equipments types will appear.


To add an asset to any of the listed equipment types, the following process is used:
1. Select the equipment type (eg. Pulley)
2. Click on the Create button in the toolbar


Now within the Create Asset Window:
3. Complete the fields with the known information
4. Add any supporting documentation such as warranty information or images.
5. Select Save & Close or Save

The asset will now appear as a new line item.

Editing an Asset in PDS Asset Management
To add further information, or change existing information, select the edit icon to the left of the asset, make the required edits and press Save.


Replacing or Deleting an Asset in PDS Asset Management
Selecting the down arrow next to an asset provides you with options to move the asset up or down in the table order or duplicate it.
If the asset is being replaced, select the Replace option within the arrow drop-down.
A Replace Asset window will appear where the Removal Date, Actual Shut, Reason for Replacement and Change Out Comments fields can be completed and saved for historic information.
Alternatively, the asset can be completely removed by selecting Delete in the drop-down.


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