Configuring WIFI network connectivity on a WM 6.1 device

To configure a WIFI connection on a Windows Mobile 6.1, complete the following:

  1. Selecting 'Wireless Manager':
    • If the MobiControl client is already installed, tap 'Wireless Manager' under the 'Extras' menu on the Ruggedised Apps screen.
    • If the MobiControl client is not already installed, tap 'Settings' under the Programs menu, select the 'Connections' tab and tap 'Wireless Manager'.

  1. Ensure the 'Wireless LAN' option in the Wireless Manager is highlighted.

  1. Select 'Wireless LAN Settings' from the 'Menu' option bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the wireless network you want to connect to.

  1. Ensure 'The Internet' is selected as the 'Connects to:' option and tap 'Next'.

  1. Select the 'Authentication' method and the 'Data Encryption' type. Typically use WPA2-PSK for networks requiring a network key and WPA2 for networks not requiring a network key.

  1. If a network key is required, enter the 'Network key:' and tap 'Next', otherwise just tap 'Next'.
  2. If prompted for an 'EAP type:', this is typically 'PEAP' and tap 'Finish', otherwise just tap 'Finish'.

  1. For some corporate networks a network log on is required. If prompted for a 'Network Log On' enter the 'User name', 'Password' and 'Domain' (if required), check 'Save password' and tap 'OK'.
  2. If the WIFI connection fails to connect or remains saying 'Connecting', tap 'Remove Settings' under the 'Menu' and repeat the steps above to reconfigure the WIFI connection.

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