Configuring 3G/4G wireless connectivity on a WM 6.1 device

To configure a 3G/4G connection on a Windows Mobile 6.1, complete the following:

  1. Selecting 'Wireless Manager':
    • If the MobiControl client is already installed, tap 'Wireless Manager' under the 'Extras' menu on the Ruggedised Apps screen.
    • If the MobiControl client is not already installed, tap 'Settings' under the Programs menu, select the 'Connections' tab and tap 'Connections'.

  1. Under the 'My ISP' menu tap 'Add a new modem connection'.

  1. Enter '3G Data' as the name for the connection, select 'Cellular Line (GPRS)' as the modem type and tap 'Next'.

  1. Enter 'telstra.wap' as the access point name for connecting to the Telstra network otherwise enter the required APN for connection to any other network and tap 'Next'.

  1. Leave the 'User name', 'Password' and 'Domain' blank, tap 'Finish'.

  1. Tap 'OK' to close the 'Connections' window.

  1. Test the connection by opening 'Internet Explorer' and browse to a known website or try and synchronise a ruggedised application on the device.

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