Asset Management - Editing and Replacing Chute Liners

To edit or replace liners, navigate to Asset Management >> (the required chute) >> Liners in the left slider menu.


Individual liners can be edited and replaced by:

  1. Selecting the Single option in the first drop-down (Single is the default selection).
  2. Selecting the required liner/tile
  3. Selecting Edit to bring up the Edit Asset window. Within the Edit Asset window, information can be added to the liner including material type, thickness and manufacturer etc. Alternatively, the liner can be replaced if required by selecting the drop down arrow beside the Edit field.


Groups of liners can be edited or replaced by:

  1. Selecting Multiple in the first drop-down
  2. Selecting the required liners/tiles
  3. Choosing Bulk Edit. Liners can be edited as above.

    If the bulk liners are to be replaced, a
    Replace Liners window will appear with a pre-populated Removal Date field along with Actual Shut and Reason for Replacement fields.


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