Idler Management - Adding Types, Locations, Manufacturers etc.

There are two ways to add an Idler or Structure Type, Idler location, Maintenance Activity or Manufacturer in PDS Idler Management.

Using the Administration Panel (Power Users Only)

  1.  Use the left slider menu to navigate to Administration >> Idler Management then select the required editing tab e.g. Idler and Structure Locations, Idler Manufacturers or Idler and Structure Types.
  2. Once the type, activity, manufacturer or location etc. has been selected, a pop-up window will appear with editing options.
  3. Click on Create New
  4. Enter the new option (Eg. Steel against Idler Types) select the Business and click on the save icon (left of the arrow). Note you can use the down arrow next to the save icon to reorder or delete the list item.


Using the Idler + Structure Failures Window

  1. In the left slider menu go to Navigation>> Idler Management then to the required conveyor.
  2. Click on Create to bring up the Idler + Structure Failures window.
  3. Within this window, you can select Idler or Structure then add Manufacturers, Idler or Structure Types, Maintenance Activity, Idler or Structure Failure Types. The process is the same for all additions.
  4. Simply click on the three dots to the right of the required drop-down field to bring up an information window. Click on Create New or Create and enter the new Name and the assigned Business.
  5. Click on the save icon to the left of the addition when complete.


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