PDS Idler, Capturing Failures in the Field

  1. After logging in, click on Synchronise. It is important to synchronise data in the PDS applications before and after use. Synchronising will ensure that the latest data is available on the device during an inspection and the latest inspection records are available to web users or users of other devices.

  2. Select At Risk or enter the Group, Department and Area and click on All Failures.

  3. If At Risk was selected, the next screen will highlight all of the At Risk failures which have not been closed out.

  4. Select New Failure then choose Idler Failure or Structure Failure.

  5. Complete all of the fields. Eg. For an Idler failure the Type, Idler Failure Type and Idler Position fields must be completed. If these fields are not completed, an Invalid Data Entered warning will appear.

  6. Select the affected idler section/s on the idler diagrams. Selecting more than one graphic will create a record on that frame for each one selected.

  7. Scroll down the page using the right slider to navigate to the Comments and Photos section.
    Comments can be typed directly in the Comments box using the on-screen keyboard.
  8. Photos can be captured by clicking the Photos button then using the camera button on the PDA. On the Getac PDA, the camera button is on the top row of the key pad. The position of the camera button may vary depending on the device. The image will appear in full screen and a Menu button will appear with options to add another photo or delete the current one. Click Ok and an Options button will appear. You may need to use the options button to reduce the resolution in order to save the images. If you are happy with the photo/s, click on Back.

  9. In the Idler Failure screen, click on Save. If you have selected multiple idler positions a pop-up screen will appear with the warning “A record will be created for each of the selected idler positions. Are you sure you want to continue?” Click on Yes then Save.
  10. At this point, a list of failures relevant to the area will appear. Click on New Failure to capture a new failure or Back to go back to the main screen.
  11. Click on Synchronise and, once complete, click Logout.
  12. Put the PDA back into the supplied charging dock.

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