Synchronising data

It is important to synchronise data in the ruggedised applications before and after use, this will ensure the latest data is available on the device during an inspection and the latest inspection records are available for non-users of the device.

When a device synchronises, it transfers all new idler and structure failure (Idler Management), wear tests (Wear Management) and inspection records from each device to the web platform and transfers any new records from the web platform to the device. This is referred to as a 'Two Way Sync'.

The synchronisation requires either:

Synchronising data in a ruggedised application

  1. Tap 'Synchronise' on the bottom menu to sync the device.
    Note: In the examples below we demonstrate using the Idler Management software, the process is the same for the all ruggedised applications.
  2. The user prompt displays. Tap 'OK' to start the synchronisation process.
  3. During synchronisation a progress icon will be displayed. The status of the sync is also displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  4. When complete you should receive a 'Synchronisation Complete' message. If an error occurs contact PDS for technical support.


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