Setting battery and backlight settings on a ruggedised device

The following explains how to check the battery status and change the backlight settings for the keypad on a ruggedised device, this may change from one device model to another (refer to the relevant user manual for detailed instructions).

Battery Status

Check the battery status of the ruggedised device by tapping 'Battery Status' under the 'Extras' menu.

Power Settings

Access the power settings for the ruggedised device by clicking on the 'Advanced' tab of the Power Settings screen.

Backlight Settings

Changing the backlight settings are particularly useful if working at night, adjust the backlight settings by tapping 'Backlight Settings' under the 'Extras' menu.

  • The default settings are set so that the backlight of the screen dims out after a period of inactivity (default period is 30 seconds while on battery power and 1 minute while on external power).
  • To restore the backlight, tap the screen or press a button.
  • Use the 'Backlight Settings' function to change the default device settings.


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