Why am I getting a HTTP Error 503?

In January 2017, Productivity Development Solutions Pty Ltd transitioned to the pdsglobal.com domain name as part of our rebrand and expansion into the international market. This transition required our software URL be updated to https://software.pdsglobal.com with redirections created for previous internet links (https://ccms.pdsonline.com.au and https://software.pdsonline.com.au).

Twelve months on, we are now removing the redirections for these internet links. From February 1, 2018, the internet links using the pdsonline.com.au domain name will no longer work.

What does that mean for our customers?

Users of the PDS software will be able to access the software using the URL https://software.pdsglobal.com only. It is recommended that all users check and update any saved internet shortcuts for the PDS software they may have on their desktops.

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