Development Update - Reordering Assets on the iPad

As a result of a number of customer requests, we have introduced a new feature that allows for the reordering of assets on the iPad. This is of particular advantage to underground mining customers who have to regularly add sections of belt and joints. Once you have navigated to the area you are after, find the asset section you wish to reorder (eg Belt Sections, Belt Joints etc). Tap on the Reorder button at the top right of the screen.


You will then see the message below. Long press means tap and hold your finger on the screen without lifting it. The selection will flash once when it's ready to reorder. Without lifting your finger, drag the selection up or down. If there are a large number of assets in the list, you will have to repeat the operation a few times. As long as the Done button is still showing, you can continue to long press on the asset and drag.


When you take your finger off the screen the two records that are changing will have orange order numbers (their original numbers). To save this change, tap on the Done button. There is no undo function, so to move it back you will have to tap, hold and drag again. If an existing belt section has been shortened to add the new section, then you can also select that section, tap on Asset Management in the Quick Action panel, then on Edit, and change the belt length. Tap on the tick to save the change. Remember also that the iPad will need to sync for this change to be shown on the web software.


A success message is shown when the change is made.



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