Notice of New Release, New Agreements, New Pricing for PDS

The anticipated new version of the PDS software is just about here. This major new release will provide an entire new web application and experience for our users, access to the iPhone version of PDS, minor updates to the current iPad version of PDS, a new Android platform release of PDS, new APIs, an upgraded hosted infrastructure and a number of further new initiatives.

This major new release will also correspond with an update to our current software licence and support agreements.

So what does this mean?

To get access to this new release, all customers will need to transition from our old legacy licences and agreements to our updated SaaS monthly subscription. This will enable us to provide a higher level of ongoing hosting and support services as well as automatic access to new minor and major updates to PDS as they are released.

This change highlights a significant investment by PDS into growing, developing and shaping our technology to align with our customers’ business needs and to enable us to continue to value add in the reduction of maintenance associated costs, within your business, through the use of PDS.

Our SaaS monthly subscription pricing model also provides a lot clearer pricing model for those businesses looking to turn on additional PDS products in the future; like PDS Inspect (for task based inspections) and PDS Complex (for chute and screen management).


We are already in the process of transitioning other customers to new agreements to correspond with the anticipated release of our new platform. We will be providing customers with proposals for the next 12 month’s commitment, under the new pricing model, along with copies of our new ‘Software as a Service Agreement’ and ‘Maintenance and Support Services Agreement’.


Our new pricing model has every product in PDS (PDS Idler, PDS Wear, PDS Inspect and PDS Complex) charged at a flat monthly rate per product / business. This pricing includes all platforms of PDS (web, iOS, Android + API access).

A courteous reminder however, that this is the 1st major upgrade charged by PDS during the life of the product, yet we have continued to develop the product, provided added new features, upgraded the PDA licences to iOS, all at no additional cost, which have provided substantial ongoing cost saving initiatives to our customers.

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