Quick guide to using the new web version of PDS

1. Changed Navigation

The first big change most users will see between the versions is the difference in the navigation. Previously to view the navigation panel you had to click on one of the icons. In the latest version you click on the hamburger menu at the top left. Once the navigation panel expands, you can select the product (module) you are wanting to use. Click off the navigation to collapse the panel and view the hierarchy.




2. New Search Function

Another big change is the introduction of a Search function. Now you can search the hierarchy on the left, or use the area search on the right to go straight to an area. 


3. Wear and Inspections Combined into Asset Management.

In line with the approach taken in the mobile apps, Inspections and Wear are now accessed from Asset Management. Click on an asset to select it, and the Inspection button will change colour to dark blue. If that asset can also be measured for wear, the Wear button will also change.


4. Quick Reports

Also available in this version are Quick Reports. Click on the "..." button and a list of the available reports will be shown.

The full suite of reports can be accessed from the navigation menu.


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