Exporting Data to Excel

A useful feature of the web application is the ability to export data into Excel. To do this you need to:

  • Select Export from the Hamburger Menu
  • Name the Export and Select a Data Source
  • Add Filter Criteria
  • Export to Excel

Select Export from the Hamburger Menu

Select the hamburger menu, then select Export from the list on the left.


Name the Export and Select a Data Source

Select the name field and enter a name. This field is mandatory. 

Select the drop down arrow in the Data source field, and scroll through the list. These are the only exports currently available. 


Add Filter Criteria

The results can be filtered by adding criteria as shown. The available values are shown in drop downs, and the last field can be anything. In the example below, all idler failures that have been changed by example will be returned.


Export to Excel

Select the Export to Excel button to export the data. A window will open to save or to open in Excel.

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