Development Update - iPDS, Phone (1.0.12) and Tablet (1.0.3) App

The latest iPDS releases for Android Phone and Android Tablet are now available, delivering the full features of the PDS Wear product and the initial release of PDS Inspect.

Refer to our Release Notes for the latest info on our software updates, features and bug fixes.  

In this Announcement

Log In

As part of a recent security review, design changes have been implemented to the application login for iPDS for both iOS and Android.

For all new installations of the app, users will still need to enter a valid account email address and password to login, but the user accounts list will only be synced after the login process is complete.

For existing installations of the app, the user experience has no change.

Quick Reports

One of the key features in iPDS is the ability to generate and email quick reports from the device in the field. All quick reports now contain report parameters, enabling users to filter the information presented in the reports to their requirements.

android_phone_wear_reporting_preview.png   android_phone_inspect_reporting_preview.png


Hardware Update

Whilst the momentum behind the Android platform for iPDS has been slow, we are now seeing the benefits of our strategic decision to recruit and commence development of iPDS for Android.

With the latest release of iPDS for Android we can now provide our application on an approved Intrinsically Safe tablet for use in Underground Mines with the Aegex 10 tablet. This is an exciting milestone for PDS, providing our customers with a latest generation hardware solution that enables them to capture condition related data at the coal face, synchronise to our Cloud solution and email reports direct from the device to Pit Top real time.

No other solution provides this wholistic approach to inspection, idler, liner and wear related data in a single application.

Installing / Upgrading

Please follow all of the usual steps for installing and upgrading iPDS on Google Play. Please see the release notes for further information.

PDS Support

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