Idler Admin - Explanation of Terms

Click on the hamburger Hamburger.jpg and then on the gear icon beside Idler to access the Idler Admin Menu.  The menu is a list of various functions, failures and other items which can be configured for individual business or sites.


Failure Priorities - Add descriptions for prioritising failures and match them with a backing colour to appear in the reports.

Idler Fault Types - Add descriptions and priorities for idler failure types which can be customised for each site or standardised across all sites.

Structure Fault Types - Add descriptions for failures relating to the structural components on the conveyor listed under Structure Types (e.g. Damaged, Broken, Missing).

Idler Types - Add descriptions to capture idler faults by type whether it be by material (e.g. Steel, Poly) or by application (e.g. Weightometer, Suspended Set).

Idler Locations - Add descriptions for idler locations using site specific terminology (e.g. Impact Area, Yard, Tripper).

Idler Manufacturers - Add a list of the idler manufacturers used on site.

Structure Types - Add descriptions for structural components which exist on the conveyor apart from the idlers (e.g. Trough Frame, Return Bracket, Transition Frame).

Accessibilty - Captures issues related to specific areas on the conveyor where idlers need to be replaced. Assists in forward planning for shutdowns as the information collected at the time of inspection can be viewed in the Work Management - Idler Report (e.g. Working at Heights - EWP required, Guards to be removed - rattlegun required).
These saved comments/observations will appear under the Accessibility column when completing a record within Access Issues [see below].

Access Issues - After selecting the Business, Group, Department and Area, a list of comments will appear as a drop-down option under the Accessibility column. Select the required comment and input the affected frame numbers. Press Save when complete. E.g. “CV101 -Working at Heights - EWP required - Frame 40 to 48. When an idler is selected for replacement during an inspection, the above information will appear under Comments when the Work Management - Idlers Report is generated.

CT Admin - Associates conveyor frame numbers to cut-through sections for ease of location.

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