Functional Hierarchy Explained

The equipment hierarchy in PDS is defined in 4 levels:

  • BUSINESS - This can be a geographical location, the name of an organisation or a mining operation etc. This highest level of the hierarchy is created by Productivity Development Solutions upon the purchase of a software licence.
  • GROUP - This is a functional unit which may be used to define different operational groups within a business. For example, a mining operation may have Groups such as Inload, Outload and Rail Operations.
  • DEPARTMENT - This is a functional unit that is typically used to define system component types such as conveyors, transfer chutes and sump pumps.
  • AREA - This is a functional unit that has a common set of related equipment types. Each Area may then have a number of Equipment Types which are used to further define information on maintainable components.

A typical hierarchy in PDS for a conveyor may be:

ABC Mine (Business) >> OHP1 (Group) >> Conveyors (Department) >> CV101 (Area)


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