Reporting - Idler

In the Idler module, reports are generated based on the functional hierarchy level the user has navigated to. If the user has navigated to a Group level, reporting functions will include all Departments and Area level failures under that Group. If the user has navigated to an Area level, only failures at that level will be in the reports.

To generate reports, navigate to the Dashboard, tap on the Horizontal Ellipses iphone_icons_ellipse_blue.PNG icon on the toolbar. Select the Preview Idler (or Structure) Report to open a PDF copy of the report.

Set the report parameters by tapping the Parameter iphone_icons_report_parameters.PNG icon then tap Update to regenerate the report.

From all devices, the report can be emailed by selecting the Email iphone_icons_report_email.PNG icon, entering single or multiple (comma separated) email addresses and pressing send.

iphone_idler_reporting_generate.PNG   iphone_idler_reporting_email.PNG




For unmanaged (BYOD) devices, users also have the option to share the report using native iOS functionality.


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