General navigation

There are four options for general navigation in the web app.

Navigation Tree Hierarchy Search

There is a toggle switch to change the search type. By default it's set to Filter Hierarchy. Click in the search box at the top of the navigation tree and enter your search query, hit enter to start the search. The navigation tree will expand to show the results of your search. The filter only shows the results relevant to you search. All other parts of the hierarchy are hidden.  If there are a large number of results, the top 50 will show.


Navigation Tree Area Search

Click in the toggle switch to access Filter Area. Type the search query (e.g. CV102) and a list of matching areas will appear below the search box. Click on the appropriate area to navigate to it. This works a bit differently to Filter Hierarchy, in that all the hierarchy is still visible.


Hyperlink navigation

On any dashboard click on a hyperlink in any row to navigate directly to the corresponding area.


Breadcrumb navigation

To navigate to another hierarchy node, click on one of the / separators and select the relevant hierarchy location to navigate to it. You can click on the / separator anywhere it is shown in the breadcrumb to see the options at that level.


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