Naming Belt Joints

The software is designed to handle multiple belt sections and belt joints on the one conveyor. These can be managed in Asset Management, and are shown on the belt map and associated reporting.

Across all of our customers there are a number of different naming conventions for belt joints that we cater for. When a belt joint is created it is automatically given a sort order number. This can be seen on the left hand side of the belt joints, and starts from one in ascending order of creation.


If you would like to incorporate a more detailed identification, this can be captured by using the Joint ID field within Asset Management. This may include station numbers either side of splice, or a splice ID which may be cooked or scribed into the belt by the service company. 

To create a new belt joint, go into the Asset Management module and navigate to the required conveyor. Tap on the "+" button. Select Belt Joints from the drop down and fill out applicable fields (Joint Type is a mandatory field), and in the Joint ID field, add the splice description e.g. A37-B1. Click on Save & Close when complete.

To name existing splices, click on the vertical ellipses to use the Edit function to add or edit a name.


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