Annotating Photos

Users can markup or annotate a photo by tapping the Pencil iphone_photos_annotate_icon.PNG icon to enable (icon turns green) the annotate feature. Tap on the photo to be marked up / annotated.


The three available annotate functions include:

  1. Crop Tool - which allows cropping, zooming or rotation of image, by holding fingers on screen and moving as required.
  2. Draw Tool – select a colour, and draw on the screen with your finger or stylus.
  3. Type Tool - type text in colour, hold your finger on the text to drag around the screen to required location.

Tap the Tick iphone_icons_tick.PNG icon to save.


Draw tool


Once annotations have been made, tap the Tick iphone_icons_tick.PNG icon to save. Tap Overwrite to save the edited photo and overwrite the original photo, or Save As New to keep the original photo and also save the annotated photo.


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