Importing Bulk Idler Faults

Multiple failures can be imported directly in the PDS software using the import template. The template can be downloaded by clicking on the Import button on the idler records screen for an individual conveyor.


Click on the Download Template link to download the Excel import template. The same template can be used for idler or structure failures. Note - The template set-up should not be changed in any way or the import will fail. Copy and paste your data into the template, not the other way around.

When creating an idler failure in either the Web or iPad versions of the software, the idler position is selected via a graphic of the idler set. This is not possible when bulk importing, so a description of the idler position is required. The attached spreadsheet called Idler Positions contains all these descriptions. Use only the descriptions in the "Idlerposition" column. Left and right positions are as you would look at them on the computer or iPad screen. 

As with creating an individual idler failure, there are some mandatory fields in the template, which are marked with a "*". These must match the drop down values in the Idler Failure screen exactly.

Click the Import button (works for both Idler and Structure import).


You will then transition to the universal Import screen.

If you have more complex requirements that are not covered by this guide, please contact

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