Create an Inspection

On the toolbar, click on the Plus web_icons_plus.PNG icon to create a new inspection. There are three options to choose from on the Create Inspection pop-up.

  • Tapping on OK will create an inspection with no faults found.
  • Tapping on OK with Details creates an inspection with no faults found but opens in edit mode to allow comments to be added and photos attached.
  • Tapping on Not OK creates an inspection with faults found, allow a condition code to be specified, fault codes to be selected and a photo to be attached.


On the Create Inspection page, enter the fault information and complete all mandatory fields.

Note, all drop down values need to be configured by a Business Administrator.

A warning message will appear if all mandatory fields have not been completed.


Attachments, such as photos of the fault, can be added at anytime by clicking the Attachments tab and then the Add Attachments button. A maximum of 10 photos can be attached.


Click the Save button to save the inspection, click on the Cancel web_icons_cancel.PNG icon to cancel without saving.

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