Work Online or Offline

The iPDS app works in both offline (no internet connection) and online mode (internet connection available).

There are two options available to users who need to work offline. They can use Aeroplane Mode on their device, or Offline Mode in the iPDS app. The Offline Mode setting in iPDS stops the app from synching automatically in the background or when minimised, while still letting other apps have access to the internet.  The advantage of using Offline Mode is that the user's device can remain online, so if they are using iPDS on their phone they can still receive texts or phone calls.


When working in Offline Mode users should monitor the records to be synced on their device by tapping on the alert icon at the bottom of the screen. This expands to show how many records are waiting to sync. Even in Offline Mode records can be synced manually using the Sync Now button. This can be used in the field when there is a good network connection, or once work has been completed and the user has moved back to a strong signal area. 


Users activating Aeroplane Mode will see the message below, and won't be able to sync until it's turned off.


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