Configuring Idler Part Numbers (Mapping)

The Idler Part Number functionality allows for the setting up of a global part number list for Idlers, which can then be used when configuring individual conveyors to assign specific idler part numbers to frame ranges on that conveyor, or have a default part number that is assigned to all carry or return idlers on a conveyor. It also allows for reporting on how many of each part is needed for rectifying idler failures on a conveyor. 

Configuring part numbers is a two step process:

  1. Setting up the part numbers and associated information in Administration, and
  2. Adding part numbers to individual conveyors in Asset Management.

Setting Up Idler Part Numbers

Log into the web application and using the hamburger menu, select the gear icon Gear_Icon.jpg next to Asset Wear Inspect. Under Asset, select Idlers/Rollers. Select Idler Configuration.

Within the Idler Configuration popup screen, you can either create individual idler part number entries or import multiple part number entries.

Creating Idler Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs)

In the Idlers pop-up, click on the "+"  to add a new entry. Populate the text fields with all available idler specifications.

The Part Number, Business and Type fields are all mandatory. The remainder are optional. Once all applicable information has been added select the Save icon on the left of the row. These records are created at a Business level, so all available part numbers should be entered. At this stage the usage (e.g. what set they belong to) of the idler isn't important, only the MPN, Business, Type and any other available specifications. 

Importing Idler Part Numbers

In the Idlers pop-up, click on the import icon Import.jpg. Select Download Template from the pop-up.


Open the Import Template, which is an Excel file, and enter your idler information. The Part Number, Business and Idler Type fields are mandatory. The remainder are optional. Once all the available information has been added, save the spreadsheet.

Back in the web software, on the same Idlers pop-up screen, select Import again if the pop-up is not showing. Either drag the saved file to the upload area, or select Import Lookups and browse for the file.

Adding Part Numbers to Individual Conveyors

From the hamburger menu, select Asset Wear Inspect and then navigate to the required area (conveyor). Click on the "+" icon at the top right and select Idlers/Rollers (Mapping) from the menu. Choose the Position or Position Group and Part Number from the drop downs.The Part Number field displays the part number and idler type. The remaining fields will then populate with the information saved when configuring the part number. A local site/SAP MPN can also be added.  Click on the Save button.


Adding Frame Locations to Part Numbers

The Idler that is most frequently used on that conveyor can be left without a frame range (Frame and to numbers). It will be the default selection, as shown below with the 3 Roll Trough & 2 Roll V-Return. Note: this can only used for one idler type on carry and one on return. For other idlers on the system, add the frame locations using the Frame and to fields. An example of this is shown below as well, with a 3 Roll Rubber Impact used on frame 3 to frame 11, and a Flat Return used on frames 1, 42 and 66.  


If you wish to edit the frame locations or part numbers for a location, select the Edit Hierarchy_3_Dots.jpg icon on the left side of the record. Edit as required and save again.

Once this configuration has been done, when an idler failure is created for that conveyor, the part number will show on the Work Management - Idlers Report beside the failure, and the Picking List will show the quantity of each idler needed.


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