Replacing an asset

Replacing an asset is a process of replacing an existing asset with a new one.

When an asset is replaced in PDS, the Removal Date value is set against the selected asset, a copy of the existing asset is created in its place and the Install Date value of the new asset is set the same as the removal date.

Tap to select an Asset on the Dashboard and for phone tap on the quick actions Hamburger iphone_icons_hamburger.PNG icon, top right, to display the Quick Actions menu.

iphone_asset_navigate_quick_actions.PNG   iphone_asset_quick_actions.PNG

Tap Asset Management and then tap Replace to replace the selected asset.



Set the Actual Shut, Reason for Replacement (optional fields), set the Removal dates, then tap Tick iphone_icons_tick.PNG to replace the asset.

Update the asset information, complete all mandatory fields, then tap Tick iphone_icons_tick.PNG to save the new asset.

iphone_asset_replace.PNG   iphone_asset_replace_create.PNG


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