Create a Structure Failure

Navigate to the relevant area, click the Plus web_icons_plus.PNG icon to Create Idler or Create Structure failures.


On the Create Structure page, enter the failure information and complete all mandatory fields. 

Mandatory fields include "Structure Type" and "Failure Type". All other fields are optional, comments can be added as required.

A warning message will appear if all mandatory fields have not been completed.


Using the "Frame" fields, users can create multiple structure failures between consecutive frames (between the Frame and Frame To field).

Please note, any fields which have a drop-down list can be configured by a Business Administrator if required.

At Risk can be selected as required to highlight any structure (or idler) failure that is determined to have a higher potential to cause collateral damage or downtime.

Photos of the failure, can be added at anytime by clicking on the Attachments tab and then clicking on the Add Attachment button. A maximum of 10 photos can be attached.

Click on the tick Save button to save.

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