Planned Inspections are a structured inspection that are designed to be repeated at regular intervals. They are best used to ensure that a required area and its assets are monitored regularly for a set range of conditions. They allow for visual inspections, for measurements to be taken and for photos to be added to inspections. Some important definitions are:

Tasks - An inspection is made up of a number of tasks. Tasks are individual activities that are required to be carried out, and can be marked as mandatory. Examples of task are "Contact Control Room to gain access to the belt," "Inspect the belt splice for damage or signs of deterioration" and "Examine the belt for broken wires. Monitor one full rotation of the top cover."

Task Group - A collection of tasks are called a Task Group, and these are essentially a planned inspection. For example, if there were four planned inspections set up for a site, this would mean that there were four task groups set up. The task group is made up of individual tasks, and can also include sub-groupings, where tasks relating to a particular area or activity can be grouped together.

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