Mapping Planned Inspection Tasks (Task Assignment)

Once the tasks have been created, they need to be mapped to an area. This can be done by expanding the task in the Task Library using the arrow on the left, but can be done in bulk by using the import function on the Task Assignments screen.

From the Work Management screen click on the Task Assignments button.


From the Task Assignments screen, click on the import button and download the import template. Copy the first two columns (Task Group and Task) from the Tasks import template, and paste these into the second and fourth columns of the Task Assignments import template.  Where the task relates to a piece of equipment, add the Equipment ID. This can be found by going to Asset and clicking the checkbox beside Equipment ID to display that column. 


The Equipment IDs are now visible and can be copied and pasted into the import template. The column can be dragged across to the left of the screen to make this easier, as a lot of columns are shown. Columns can also be hidden by unchecking the checkbox. Area also needs to be added. Area is the bottom value in the Hierarchy, like the conveyors (CV101, CV102, CV103) in the example below.


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