Creating New Users

New users can be created by using the "+" icon at the top right, or by copying from an existing user. Copying from an existing user is generally quicker, and you will get the right products, access and site/s assigned automatically.


If possible, copy and paste the email address to avoid mistakes. The First Name and Last Name fields will populate automatically based on the email address. If any of the Products, Businesses or Roles need to be changed, click on the X to remove them, or click in the field to see the available options in a drop down.  These fields are all mandatory. Note that the product Media Gallery is also mandatory for all users. Click on Save when finished. Once the record is saved, the user will be emailed a link to set their password. This link only remains active for 14 days. If the user doesn't set their password within this time, a new link can be sent using the Reset Password option in the dropdown.


 If you are creating an account from scratch, all fields should be filled in except User Groups (unless this is being used by your organisation). Note that the product Media Gallery is mandatory for all users.

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