Changes to Navigation in the Web Application

We have made a few changes to the way the navigation works in the web application, to align the application with our product terminology. The modules have been mostly shortened to a single name, Asset, Wear, Inspect, Idler and Complex. The exception is Planned Inspections, which has its own link, compared to asset based inspections (Inspect) which are done from Asset. The application loads by default into Asset, which combines Wear and Inspect. The hamburger menu remains unchanged. 



The other main change is when you click on the hamburger menu. Now, once you select a product the hierarchy will be automatically selected. To select Reports, click on the report icon to change to see the available reports for that module.


Power Users and Business Administrators will see a gear icon for each module which will give them access to the Administration menu.


Some users may see a corrupted menu when they first log in. This means the browser cache will need to be cleared.




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