Configuring Screen Panel Part Numbers (Power User)

The Screen Panel Part Number functionality allows for the setting up of a part number list for panels, including associated dimensions and details, which can then be used when configuring individual screen decks.
Configuring part numbers is a two step process –

  1. Setting up the part numbers and associated information in Administration.
  2. Allocating part numbers to individual screen deck layouts in Complex.

Setting Up Screen Panel Part Numbers

Click on the Hamburger menu and under the products menu, select the Administration icon. Under Screens select Screen Panels.
Within the Screen Panels popup screen, you can either create individual part number entries or import multiple part number entries.


In the Screen Panels pop-up, click on the ‘+’ to add a new entry. Populate the text fields with all available panel specifications.
The Part Number, Business and Type fields are mandatory. The remainder are optional. It is important to select a Back Colour as this will determine how it is displayed in the layout. Once all applicable information has been added, select the save icon on the left of the row.


Importing Screen Panel Part Numbers

In the Screen Panels pop-up, click on the Import icon. Select Download Template.

Open the import template, which is an Excel file, and enter your information. The Part Number, Business and Type fields are mandatory. The remainder are optional. The Panel Type, Panel Material Types, Manufacturer, Fixing Types need to match what has been configured in Administration. Once all the available information has been added, save the spreadsheet.
Back in the web software, on the same Screen Panels pop-up, select the Import icon again, then Import.

Within the Import Wizard, click Upload to locate your saved file, once added select the Next button. Continue to select Next through the Mapping and Template validation steps, then finally Submit. Once uploaded the Status column will display Success. If the status shows Failed, click on the arrow on the LHS of the line to display the message indicating where the issue is on the template. Once rectified, save and re-upload the template.

NOTE – Allocating the background colour for each part number is not done in the import. Once saved in the Screen Panel table, they need to be edited and added manually.

Adding Part Numbers to Individual Screen Decks

Navigate to the required Screen Deck layout. Select the panel/s by Single/Multi select, then click on the Edit button. On the Edit screen, click on the Part Number box and select the required Part Number from the drop down. Click on Save.


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