To import, use the Import.jpg icon, which appears at the top right of most screens, or is accessible through Import/Export on the hamburger menu.


After clicking on the  Import.jpg icon in one of the product screens, two options are shown: to Download Template, or to Import. If you have already done an export, you can re-import that. Otherwise you will need to download a template. If you have imported before, but not recently, it's best to download a new template in case there have been any changes.

If you are accessing Import/Export from the hamburger menu, you will see the screen below. Select the template from the list (it is a searchable list) and and click on the Download button.


Once you have your file ready for import, click on the Next button.

Click on the Upload File button to add the files you want to import. More that one file can be imported at the one time.

Once you have the files for import uploaded, tap on the Next button. This maps the destination data source for the file. Press Next again to validate the import template, then Submit to complete the import. If the import was successful, you will a green success indicator. If it wasn't successful you will see a red failed indicator. If this happens there will be a drop down arrow at the start of the task name. Click on this arrow to see the errors that caused the failures.  We have tried to make the error explanations as clear as possible, but if you are unsure of the problem, please email





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