Changes to the Work Management - Idlers Report

We have recently added a new option to the Work Management - Idlers Report to allow users to force the report to use the configured idler type to determine the correct part number, rather than the idler type selected by the person who created the idler fault. For more information on the configured idler type see here.

The Use Configured Idler Type option is set to False by default. When set to True the report uses the Idler Part Number configuration to populate the part number on the report. 


The advantage of doing this is that if the person who created the fault has selected the wrong idler type for any reason, the part number will not show in the report. By setting Use Configured Idler Type to true, the correct part number will be shown in the report. This could be especially useful if roller type is being changed from steel to poly for example. The fault can be tagged as steel, but the report will show the poly part number (as long as the configuration has been updated to poly).

There is a warning message printed at the top of the report to indicate this option was used.


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