Training Mode

A new feature has been introduced with version 3.1.1 on both iPad and iPhone called Training Mode. This feature will be used in training delivered by PDS, but can also be used by PDS customers conducting their own training. For those not undergoing training, it’s important that the training mode is not engaged, as it uses a copy of the Production database. This means any records stored using training mode will not appear in the Production database, or on reports in Production. It is also important to note that training mode clears the app database, so not only does the database have to reload to got into training mode, but it will have to reload again to go back into Production. This can take some time for the larger databases.




To select Training Mode, tap on the link. A warning is displayed.




The app background changes from dark blue to pink when Training Mode has been selected, and there is also a warning message displayed at the bottom of the screen.




When you are logged in the Module Selection screen will show the business name in pink. There is also a warning message shown on the Module Selection screen.




Once a module is selected, the hamburger menu will be shown in pink.




When the app goes to sleep and is opened again, the reminder message about being in Training Mode will be shown.

If the app goes to sleep and the user is logged out, the app will do a Forget Me switch back to Production. 

When users log out, the app automatically clears and changes back to Production.

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