Configuring Alarm Points for Screen Panels (Power User)

To set the alarm point for screen panels, firstly set the alarm point for the single deck, or group of decks, or for all decks on the entire site.
In the Hamburger menu, click on the Admin Gear_Icon.jpg icon beside the Complex product.


Select Wear from the Admin menu, then Alarm Points. Select the equipment type from the first drop down, typically Screen Panels or Top/Bottom Deck. From the next drop down, select the applicable measurement type, then the Business and the required Group. Adding a value at either of these levels will set the alarm point for all screens within that business/group.
If necessary continue by selecting a department, which will then enable an alarm to be added at an area level, for example on an individual screen deck. This value will negate all others set at higher levels.
Click on the save button on the top right to save any configured values.


Once an alarm point has been configured for the entire deck, it is also possible to set alarm points for individual panels on the deck.
Use the Single/Multi/Screen Panel drop down to select the panels that require an alternate alarm point and select Edit. Add the required alarm point, next to the relative measurement type, and save the changes.


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