Discipline User Groups

Navigate to User Groups by clicking on the Admin icon in User Management.


User groups are there to allow users to be grouped according to various classifications. This can be in a work crew for example, or as a contractor team. 

User groups can also be designated as a Discipline. A discipline relates to Planned Inspection task groups, and is a way to restrict what task groups are shown to a user. In the example below, a user with the user group Mechanical assigned will only see task groups that are linked to Mechanical.



In Planned Inspections, user groups works as follows:

  1. If a User Group is not a Discipline (the checkbox is ticked), it is not recognised by Planned Inspections.
  2. If a users has no discipline user group assigned, they with see all task groups.
  3. If a user has a discipline user group assigned, and that user group has been linked to one or more task groups, the use will see those (and only those) task groups in Planned Inspections. 
  4. If a user has more than one linked discipline user group assigned, the user will see the task groups for those user groups.

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